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All But Lost

It is 1999 and he’s all but lost

A little too late to start again, he thinks

But as he empties his pockets

Into the hands of a man with less

A sky of stars shines a light


It is the year 2K and the future is here

But he’s not the sharpest tool in the box, she says

Not one for academia, or paper gold

But he’s got a good handshake, she says

His manner will take him where he needs to be


But in his mind he dreams of great success

In other worlds, another life with someone else

Writing songs and strumming strings

For someone who understands him or

Can help him work out just who the hell he thinks he is


It is 2005 and he is behind in life

Throwing watermelons at the walls

Watching them burst like his hopes and dreams

Still unsure who he is supposed to be

Or where his future lies

With a Barbie doll bride

A ball and chain at high tide


But in his mind he sees a light

A simple plan and a ways and means

To run away one more time

To the Black Mountain hotel

To the communist mansions

And Turkish delights


It is 2008 and it’s been so long

Since he tried to find himself

But he’s still got the smile

The manner

A blue and gold prince of the seas


It is 2018 and he’s still lost

In his wildest dreams and whims

Free from everyone but himself

No one to anyone

With only eyes for you

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