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Video: Lake Bled Lullaby (Slovenia Travel Film)

Last updated on 22nd June 2020

I shot this little travel film of Lake Bled while I was in Slovenia to take photos for an article I was putting together for Singapore Airlines.

I asked the carpark attendant how long it normally takes to walk around the lake and he said about 45 minutes.

It took me the whole day as I kept stopping to shoot photos and video clips – I was absolutely exhausted by the time I completed the lap, but filled with that warm-fuzzy feeling you get after a good day’s shoot.

Lake Bled is easily the most famous natural beauty spot in Slovenia and it’s easy to understand why. If ever you get the chance, be sure to take plenty of batteries for your camera and block off at least a whole morning or afternoon to just follow the path around the lake and stop off at the countless locations that cry out to be filmed.

There are even a few little waterfront cafes (or a Spar!) where you can stop for a cold beer and something to eat.

If you love photography too then be sure to check out the post on my blog to see the full photo series too.


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I shot this video with my beloved Fuji X-T3 and the excellent 18-55mm “kit” lens (it’s not really a kit lens though). Highly recommended, buy it here:

I shot all of these clips (accidentally) with Fuji’s Classic Chrome film simulation (but quite like it), and edited the footage in Final Cut Pro using a LUT but keeping the overall look and feel as natural as possible.



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