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Lost in New York City ~ A Cinematic Short Film

Last updated on 22nd June 2020

Lost in New York City - Short Story by Ben Holbrook

In summer 2019, I spent about 10 days wandering around New York City on my own. I was happily lost for most of my time there and chose to walk as much as I possibly could, so that I could get a feel for the place.

When I travel, I like to witness and experience as much of “normal” local life as possible. For me it’s mainly about seeing how other people live. Hopefully I captured – and even celebrated – that a little bit with this short film, which I have named Lost in New York City’.

If you also love photography then be sure to see my ‘beginner’s guide to NYC’ with all my photos (also shot on the Fuji XT3) on my blog here.


I’m available worldwide for all video projects and keep my costs low by operating as a one man band.

Contact me at to tell me about your project and how I might be able to help you.


I shot this video with my beloved Fuji X-T3 and the excellent 18-55mm “kit” lens (it’s not really a kit lens though). Highly recommended, buy it here:

I shot all of these clips (accidentally) with Fuji’s Classic Chrome film simulation (but quite like it), and edited the footage in Final Cut Pro using a LUT but keeping the overall look and feel as natural as possible.



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